sustain/release Presents:

Ghost of lightning, Waveformless, zanna Nera, hiss & Humm

Date: 10/1/16

Venue: The Legionnaire Saloon, Oakland

Performances by: Ghost of Lightning, Waveformless, Zanna Nera, Hiss & Humm

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Cover: $5 before 9pm, $7 after

Sustain/Release will be a monthly exploration of sound by audience and performers. Centered around a love of synthesis, both modular and otherwise, Sustain/Release will create an interactive environment where attendees get to compose their own sounds and experience the live performance of the selected artists. 

In the first hour of the event, attendees will be invited to twist knobs and push buttons on a modular set up in the middle of the room. It will all be recorded and available to listen to online. 

Below are the artists who will be performing at this Sustain/Release. 


Ghost of Lightning

Hiss & Humm - Oakland, CA