Generations EP - Cassette

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GOL Tape.jpg

Generations EP - Cassette


Debut Generations EP by Ghost of Lightning. Limited supply of cassette tapes. Digital download included with each tape. 

$1.50 shipping and handling fee included.

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Ghost of Lightning

1. Open Eyes
2. Hardly Honest
3. All the Pleasantries
4. Say What I Say
5. Spore
6. Saturday After the Accident
7. All is Fair in Dreams
8. Take Me Apart
9. Deepest Blue

Production, Writing, Performance by Travis Blitzen
Mixed by Chelsea Faith
Mastering by Shawn Hatfield of AudibleOddities
Vocal Engineering and Live Drum Samples provided by Eric Bateman
Layout and Design by Alex Jane
Ghost of Lightning Live: Matthew Zipkin, Travis Blitzen
Recorded at The Houseboat and Adeline Manor
Thank you: Louisa, Sass, Murph, Galidog, Bonnie, Radhika, AJ, Head, Zen, RD, Introflirt, Fools, Family and Friends